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What YOU Need to Bring to Your Notary Appointment...


  • A government issued identification card, driver's license, tarjeta de matricular, U.S. or foreign passport. Copies of these are NOT accepted.  See below for examples. 

  • ​Bring the document you signing, but DO NOT SIGN IT, until you are actually before the notary public.
  • Once your document is notarized, ANY ALTERATIONS may invalidate the notarization. If you made a mistake on the document, and need to redo, we can accommodate a free re-sign within 5 business days of the original notarization. After 5 business days, additional fees may apply. 

Credible Witness can be used if you do not have either of the above...

If your identification documents were stolen, misplaced, may still be able to get your document notarized with the use of a Credible Witness, however, this witness must be known to the notary public and who can provide one of the above identifying documents to the notary, and be willing to go under oath to swear or affirm they know you.  If this is your situation, let us know when you set up your appointment. Call (773) 293-7674 or (773) 255-5766 or click button below to schedule an online appointment. 


What you the signer need to know...

All signers must be able to choose the IL Notary Certificate they need, IF there is none included in the document they are signing and need notarizing.


If there is a not a place or room, on your document, near the bottom, called the notarial section where the notary public is required to sign and stamp, the notary public may be able to use a notarial stamp similar to the one below. There is no additional fee for the use of this notarial stamp.​​

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